About King Teddy
Words and Music
Tracks from King Teddy's Stirred and Shaken are being played from one end of the internet to another. Of course, the internet is a big place, full of scary strangers and dangerous radiation leaks. We want to make sure you don't have to wander too far into the wilderness, so here are some links to stations that have played or are playing King Teddy tracks. Please please check 'em out!

USAirways in-flight entertainment - swinging at 30,000 feet!
Our song, "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz and Tweedlee Dee" was selected to be one of fifteen songs on the Indie Showcase: Sonicbids Audio Channel available on US Airways during the months of July and August. With 3,244 national and international flights, it's possible that 610,000 passengers heard King Teddy!

Radio Crystal Blue Dan Herman has been an online dj for 10 years. He featured "This Signpost Leads to Love" on his weekly show Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo.   The show highlights new independent releases (we sent him the cd last year!) in a wide variety of genres.  Click Radio Crystal Blue to get to the homepage and look for the May 1 Novus Ordo show.  You can listen online or download the podcast. Note:  Our song comes up at about the 28 minute mark.

Big Blue SwingBig Blue Swing is an online radio show out of Knoxville, TN with music geared towards swing dancers and has been featuring multiple tracks from Stirred and Shaken. Feel free to email the station and request more King Teddy.

Hey Mister Jesse Hey Mister Jesse is a great monthly podcast about all things swing. Tune into the whole thing if you can, but if you only have time for Teddy, download the podcast and listed at the :53 minute mark. The hosts give King Teddy a nice spotlight, and play "Buzz Buzz Buzz and Tweedlee Dee", and have a lot of nice things to say about Stirred and Shaken, too!

CACH Radio Streaming out of Vancouver, CACH Radio plays a variety of styles, and mixes popular artists with promising independent artists.

Off the Beatle Path Off the Beatle Path takes you onto the musical roads less-traveled by former Beatles and Beatle-inspired artists of every kind (including the King Teddy kind).