About King Teddy
About John Rowny
John knows everyone. If you're ever just walking down the street with John, you'll be shocked at how many times he pauses to have a chat with someone he knows. We initially credited John's personal magnetism as the reason for his popularity. The more ominous truth is that everyone owes John money, including us. John is typically gregarious and easy-going, but when enraged becomes a kind of passive-aggressive Hulk. When your drummer is 6'2" tall, passive-aggression is just fine, thank you!

Instruments: I'm not much of gear head.  I've only owned two drum sets in my life.  When I was about 14 I bought a blue sparkle no-name Japanese set. I had to deliver a lot of newspapers to save up the money for it.  The second and current kit, purchased in the mid-eighties, is a Premier with resonator shells in a natural birch finish.  Over the years I've had many snare drums and currently I'm using a 5" chrome Slingerland which is probably from the early 70's. (I got it used in the 80's).  My bass drum pedal is a DW 5000.  All of my cymbals are Zildjian.  Thinking about a new kit.  Any suggestions? 

Musical Influences: My musical influences are many and varied.  Drummer influences or at least those I admire include: Gene Krupa, Russ Kunkel, Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner, Willie Green, Stewart Copeland, and Dave Mattacks.  

Other Bands: I play about once a month in a classic rock band called *Some Assembly Required.

Interests and Hobbies: GU Hoyas basketball, poker and travel.

Favorite Gig: My favorite gig used to be playing at Madison Square Garden with the GU pep band.  There have been way more good gigs but the bad ones stick in your head.  My least favorite was one where I spent the hours between sound check and show time convincing a couple of band members to play the gig even though they'd had a fight and didn't want anything to do with one another.  By the way, the show went well and those guys were best buddies afterward.  Then there was the time a guitar player turned his back to the audience so he could discretely throw up on my drums. Ah memories.

E-mail at john@kingteddy.com.