About King Teddy
About Chris Watling
Chris rarely speaks, preferring to let his saxophones do his talking for him (usually as part of his band, The Grandsons). When he does speak, it's in low tones - you have to lean in to hear him, and that's when he strikes. Chris possesses an uncommon wit - ascerbic, yet not unkind, such that he can remind you of your shortcomings and still have you thanking him for it. Chris's gentle spirit and giant sax sound keep him in high demand north and south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Instruments: King Super 20 Tenor Sax, Mark VI Baritone Sax, both from from the mid-50's

Musical Influences: Sam Butera, Joe Stanley, Harry Carney, Ronnie Cuber, Johnny Griffin, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Lee Allen, Red Tyler

Other Bands: The Grandsons, Little Red & the Renegades, King Soul, La Rue Boogaloo, Last Train Home, Little Pink

Interests and Hobbies: Coffee