About King Teddy
About King Teddy
Who is King Teddy?

Teddy BearWe get asked this a lot.

As everyone knows, the 26th President of these United States was a guy called Teddy Roosevelt. One day, TR went hunting with his sycophantic hunting buddies and bravely cornered a small bear or a bear cub or whatever you call a baby bear. After a brief but intense internal debate, he opted to let the creature live to see another hunt.

Word got out, and in the absence of real entertainment and mass communication, this amusing tale became the hot news item of the year. A toy store owner decided to cash in on the "Teddy Roosevelt didn't kill a helpless animal" craze, and named a stuffed bear after the macho yet apparently soft-hearted president. Hence the "Teddy Bear."

Anyway, the name "King Teddy" was actually recommended by lead singer Mike Sottong's brother as a good band name. His name is Ted.

King Teddy is Mike Sottong on lead vocals and keyboard, Dan Rivizzigno on vocals and guitar, and John Rowny on background vocals and drums.

For the bass and sax positions, we have shamelessly adopted Moe Nelson of the Hula Monsters and Chris Watling of The Grandsons as our very own, and regard their other obligations as "their problem." When their other obligations trump King Teddy and after our bitter tears have dried, we are lucky enough to be able to turn to some of the best talent the Washington area has to offer.